New Chairman of the Board of PG SILESIA was appointed



PGSToday new Chairman of the Board of PG SILESIA was appointed. Jiři Paštika , who held this position so far, is leaving and Michal Heřman is being appointed.

The reason of this change is completing the first stage of implementation of PG SILESIA’s strategic goals. This stage was supervised by Jiři Paštika. First stage, including modernization and preparatory works, started in December 2010, after taking over the mine, and have lasted until April 2012, when production from longwall 160 started. During this time PG SILESIA revitalized the mine, bought modern equipment and technologies and doubled headcount and significantly increased the production.

Jiři significantly contributed to the resuming operations of PG SILESIA. It was the first stage of long-term process of its revitalization. He helped to transform non-profit mine, which was almost closed, into the modern and efficient company. Now Jiři is facing new challanges within EP Industries, and his duties will take over Michal Heřman – said Tomaš David, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PG SILESIA.


Ewa Szpejna

Director of Communication and PR Department

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