Rescue team have found the miner


The accident happened on Saturday, at about 6:10 a.m. underground, at the level of 460 meters. For the unknown reasons 29-year old miner fell into underground coal bunker from belt conveyor transporting output. The miner fell down approximately 20 meters. Belt conveyor has been stopped immediately.

Output collected in the bunker has stirred the miner deep into the bunker.

Mining operations have been stopped by Operations Manager. Immediate rescue action has been conducted. For first 24 hours rescue action has been conducted by 6 rescue teams per each shift – 2 rescue teams from PG SILESIA, 2 teams from Regional Mine Rescue Station and two teams from Central Mine Rescue Station. On Sunday rescue action was conducted by 4 rescue teams and team of climbers from Central Mine Rescue Station from Bytom.

On Saturday, the lamp with transmitter was found. Works were being continued in direction indicated by sniffer dog. The rescue action consisted on emptying the bunker via special devices and geting the body out of the bunker. Causes of the accident are not known yet. Representatives of Mining Authorities and National Labour Inspectorate investigate the causes.

Ewa Szpejna

Director of Communication and PR Department

Przedsiębiorstwo Górnicze "SILESIA" Sp. z o.o.