PG SILESIA invests in leading edge equipment to start output of the coal in March 2012


For Przedsiębiortswo Górnicze ”Silesia” Sp. z o.o., company which has been functioning for almost half a year in the Polish market, March 2012 is a breakthrough date. At that time begins an excavation of the longwall 160 and the estimated level of the coal output will achieve 3 million tons gross. Level of the employment, which company is planning to achieve at this time, is 1300 people.

From the moment of acquisition of the mine, Board of PG SILESIA points out that both for them and for the investor - EPH group (Energetický a průmyslový holding), the priority is to create a company with the highest standards of safety and with focusing on investing in new solutions. Multi-million dollar investments, which have taken place since the beginning of this year, were related to the modernization of the mine and preparatory works. According to the timeframe of preparatory works, in the mine already work two roadheaders, which drive the extraction panels. On 1st of June 2011 PG SILESIA concluded a contract for the financial leasing and supply of output complex with the FAMUR Group. Therefore, the company has taken the next step in the path leading to the starting the exploitation of the first longwall, which is planned in March 2012. Total planned output amounts to 5,7 thousand tons gross per day, from which 4,5 thousand tons will be from longwall 160. PG SILESIA’s target is to produce 3 million tons coal gross per year.

This leading edge longwall complex includes among others: shearer FS 400, 170 powered support units FAZOS Case 14/41, chain conveyor Nowomag and electrical equipment. A particularly important element of the output complex, ordered by PG Silesia, is wall support FAZOS 14/41, which has been designed for different mining and geological conditions. This is the first wall support in the Polish market with a very high capability, including from 1.6 m to 4 m high of the longwall, not requiring the use of collars on sole-plate extension and application of the hydraulic motor on the stand.

The complex will be equipped in the ‘e-kopalnia’ (IT) system, which allows to remote monitor and diagnose a technical condition of the mining machines. This technologically advanced equipment supports the correct leading of the face hanging wall.

New equipment and technologies are not the only aspect which the company is focusing on. Hiring new, appropriate qualified employees for underground mining positions is pending. A systematic increase of the employment rate reflects the following data:

  • December 2010 - 731 employees, (taken over by PG SILESIA on 10th of December 2010),
  • May 2011 – 923 employees,
  • March 2012 – a planned rate of employment is about 1300 employees.

We are aware of the fact that qualified staff is the most important investment. There will be no profitable and efficient business without specialized and motivated staff, and we are planning to be such a company. Therefore, we want to provide not only the best technologies and equipment, but also stable and safe workplace and appropriate motivation for our employees. Speaking of March 2012 as the start of coal output in PG SLESIA, we have taken into account all these aspects.- added Jiří Paštika, Member of the Board and CEO of PG SILESIA.

Ewa Szpejna

Director of Communication and PR Department

Przedsiębiorstwo Górnicze "SILESIA" Sp. z o.o.