New collective labor agreement signed



On 19th July 2012 Board of PG SILESIA and Trade Unions signed a collective labor agreement for employees of PG SILESIA. Starting from 1st of September 2012, after completing its registration process in Regional Labor Inspectorate , PG SILESIA will have modern solutions regarding remuneration and hiring employees.

Representatives of the Board and all Trade Unions started negotiations, connected with collective labor agreement, in December 2010, after taking over the mine.  From the social side’s point of view it was one of the most important ongoing process in the Company. New collective labor agreement has replaced previous regulations applicable to employees. Some of the employees followed regulations of former owner of the mine, Kompania Węglowa S.A., and for newly hired people there was prepared PG SILESIA Remuneration Regulation. After entering into the force of new regulations they will be applicable for all employees.

We have proceed to the negotiations with the huge sense of responsibility and willingness to agree the content of collective labor agreement. As it usually is, final agreement is a compromise between expectations of employees and company’s possibilities but also tradition and market requirements. Nevertheless, I believe that it is a reasonable compromise, beneficial both for employees and the Company. – said, during official signing,  Jiří Paštika, Chairman of the Board of PG SILESIA.
Our Company is international, we speak here three languages. I am glad that in this matter we were able to find common language. – added Dariusz Dudek, President of Trade Union „Solidarność” .

Great emphasis was placed on the motivational nature of the remuneration and bonuses system. In this matter the biggest quality change has been made. Employees will be receiving salary according to rang order of positions and table of basic salary, linked to the rang order.   Depending on the held position employees will be included into one of two bonus options. Difference between these two bonus options is time of bonus amortization (monthly, quarterly).  Rules for granting other bonuses to the salary have also been arranged. The new thing is special bonus connected with company’s profit. This kind of bonus replaces ‘fourteenth salary’.  

This document also regulates, in a partnership manner, cooperation between Employer and Trade Unions.
New system has been simplified to the maximum extent and it promotes work efficiency. Having created collective labor agreement in such a modern way, we managed also to keep specifity of mining. I do not hesitate to say that our collective labor agreement, both for its shape and its particular solutions, is an innovatory document. It will effectively support implementation of business targets of the company. – explained Arkadiusz Kawecki, Executive Director of HR and President of Negotiating Team of PG SILESIA.

Ewa Szpejna

Director of Communication and PR Department

Przedsiębiorstwo Górnicze "SILESIA" Sp. z o.o.